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Carefully review our frequently asked questions before submitting your request for a space.

How Much Will It Cost?

See the list of our halls and their nightly rates.

The Department of Housing and Residential Life reserves the right to change halls based on the needs of the department. Reasons may include emergency maintenance, the size of the group in comparison to the size of the hall, new projects, etc.

Rates for NSF REU Grant Programs vary. Your program must be in conjunction with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. 

Prices for the 2024 Season will be available October 2023. 


Double occupancy rooms with community bathrooms.

Halls: Arnold, Brogdon, Butler, Jackson,  Lantana, Laurel, Mesquite, Retama, Smith, and Sterry.

Double Rate: $29 

Single Rate: $42

Traditional Hall

Modified Traditional

Double and/or Triple occupancy rooms with a bath facility in each room.

Halls: Blanco, Chautauqua, Elena Zamora O'Shea, First Five Freedom, Gaillardia 

Double Rate: $35

Single Rate: $52

Double occupancy rooms with an in-suite bathroom.

Halls: Falls, San Jacinto, San Marcos, Sayers, Tower Hall

Double Rate: $41

Single Rate: $54


Sponsorship for External Groups


  • The contract for external groups will require the signature of the sponsoring department's chair/director.
  • The sponsoring department will guarantee payment for the external group; i.e. if the external group fails to pay their invoice, the department will be financially responsible for covering the cost.
  • All departments will provide an account number to be billed before the contract is finalized.
  • All external groups will require sponsorship from a campus department.