Advertise in the Halls

Housing and Residential Life recognizes the need for a balance between students' need for information about the variety of opportunities available to them and the maintenance of a residence hall community environment. The posting policy serves to create this balance.

Materials must be approved by a DHRL Staff member and stamped or initialed by a DHRL staff member prior to posting. Residence hall staff members are responsible for the posting and removal of all posted materials. Materials promoting or displaying any alcohol or alcohol manufacturers, substance abuse products (i.e., illegal drugs), or offensive language will not be posted at any time.

In support of the ADA regulations, we encourage you to add to your advertisements a statement regarding accommodations for those with a disability, such as, "If you require accommodations due to a disability in order to participate, please contact (sponsoring event phone number) at least 72 hours in advance of the event."

Posters and flyers shall not exceed 18” x 24” inches. Materials found in violation of any of the below regulations will be removed and recycled. Any group or individual found in violation of this policy may be held financially responsible for the removal of the posting and for any damages caused by posting such material. In addition, groups or individuals found in violation of the posting policy will be referred to the HRL for judicial processing.

Residence Hall Information and Event Posters/Flyers

  • Individual residence hall-specific information, such as hall council minutes or in-hall program advertisements, do not require approval from the HRL but should be cleared through the Residence Director (RD). RDs should initial this material in place of HRL approval. These materials may be placed on select hall boards or on all floors.
  • Individual residence hall councils or staff who wish to advertise programs in other residence halls must have stamped HRL approval.
  • RHA-related information must have approval from the Assistant Director for Community Engagement. Each poster must have the HRL stamp approval.

Student Organizations, Academic Departments, Other University Offices/Departments

  • Requests to post information regarding university events must be submitted to Housing Administrative Services in the Housing and Residential Life building, suite 213.
  • Items advertising university-sponsored events will be approved up to the number of Resident Assistants in each building for posting on each floor/wing. Contact 512-245-4663 for exact numbers.
  • Items advertising student-organization-sponsored events will be approved for posting in the lobby of each residence hall (23 total).
    • Flyers/posters will be stamped “approved” in HRL suite 213. Flyers/posters that do not exhibit that approved stamped will not be posted.
    • Questions concerning posting can be directed to 512-245-4663.

Digital Signage in Residence Hall Lobbies (TV Screens)

Materials for submission will be accepted only via the online Digital Signage Request formEmails will NOT be accepted. All submissions must have the name, email address, and phone number information of the individual making the submission.

Completed submissions must be requested at least 10 business days prior to being placed on the digital sign.

Submitted digital flyer files can only be posted in JPG format. File specifications must be 17 inches wide by 11 inches high and must be approved by Student Involvement prior to submission, 


Mail Delivery

  • All United States Postal Services (USPS) delivered mail will be placed in student mailboxes or made available as per USPS delivery guidelines.
  • All campus mail individually addressed to students will be placed in student mailboxes.
  • Items sent through campus mail, or delivered to individual residence halls, in bulk will not be placed in student mailboxes. In some cases, items will be placed on Student General Information tables in each residence hall lobby for a maximum of 72 hours.
  • Delivery for individual students from private commercial vendors (FedEx, UPS, Florists, etc.) will be accepted at the front desk (when open) and the student will be notified by the front desk via their Texas State email for non-perishable, and telephone as well as Texas State email for perishable items such as food or flowers.

Door-to-Door Solicitation

  • For security purposes, no door-to-door solicitation will be permitted by any outside individuals or groups.
  • The Department of Housing and Residential Life does cooperate fully with the U.S. Census Bureau. In years when census measures are required, DHRL staff will accompany officially approved census-takers.

General Information Tables

  • Some residence halls will have available one small table on which giveaways (such as pizza/restaurant coupons or other commercial activities) may be placed for a period of up to one week.
  • Bulk mail delivered via USPS, or other items sent through campus mail that are not individually addressed, will be placed on the information table for a period of 72 hours.

ASG Elections

  • Each candidate/ticket will be able to post one flyer per hall on a designated bulletin board in the lobby of the hall.
  • Per the ASG Election Code, “Public and printed campaigning will be prohibited until two weeks prior to the start of the election process.”
  • Candidates may not set up tables in the halls and may not campaign in person in the halls.
  • At the discretion of RHA, debates may be scheduled to take place in certain residence hall venues. Approval for those events will be processed by the Assistant Director for Leadership Development.