Blanco Hall

Blanco Hall

Blanco Hall, located on west campus, is a residence hall where three students share a bathroom within the room.

A portion of Blanco Hall is dedicated to the Black & Latina/o/x Studies Living-Learning Community. 

Hall Address

701 Moore St.
San Marcos, TX 78666

Quick View

594 Beds
Single Gender by Suite
5 Floors
Parking Garage
Shared Suite Bathroom
Elevator Access

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The A wing will feature loftable style beds with brown bed frames below. Please note that loft heights for A B & C wings will be the same. Additional lofts will be available in each residents closet space should they choose to raise the bed. 

B & C wings will feature black bed frames and dark brown furniture featured below. 


Provided Furniture

80" XL Twin Bed - B & C Wings, 76" Twin Bed - A Wing
Desk and Desk Chair
Two Dressers
Lockable Pedestal
Loftable Beds


Pool and Ping-Pong Tables
Lobby and Study Lounge
Full Community Kitchen
WiFi Internet Connection in Room
Elevator Access

Special Features

Temperature Controls
Movable Furniture
Laundry on 1st Floor & 2nd Floor

Room Specs

Triple Bedroom Size:
12' x 18'
Window Size:
48" x 70"
Blanco Hall Floor Plans



L: 80"
W: 35"
D: 6"
Loftable at Highest: 59"
Loftable at Lowest: 29"

Lockable Pedestal

H: 20"
W: 18"
D: 24"

Two Dressers

Each has 2 drawers
H: 20"
W: 30"
D: 24"


1 Vanity
1 Toilet
1 Shower with Curtain


H: 30"
W: 42"
D: 24"



3 Power Outlets
2 Phone Ports
2 Ethernet Ports


H: 83"
W: 52"
D: 22"