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To help students get the most out of college, succeed in their academics, and expand their horizons, Texas State Housing Policy requires all first-year students to live in on-campus housing.

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Step 1:

As soon as you receive your acceptance letter from Undergraduate Admissions you will be able to submit the housing contract online through the Housing Portal. The sooner you submit the contract, the better chances you have for getting your top choice of hall.

Step 2:

Pay the $300 pre-payment during the housing contract process (unless Admissions says it is waived). This will secure your housing and become a credit once bills are calculated.

Step 3:

After completing your housing contract and making your pre-payment, check which group you are in on the Housing Timeline & Process page for your roommate and room selection times. After selecting your room you will need to sign up for a dining plan through Dining Services.

Room Selection - Availability

Group Info & Dates

After completing your housing contract online, make sure to review which group you are in for important deadlines.

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Living Options & Rates

We offer a variety of living options to accommodate the diverse needs of our resident population.
One of the biggest reasons I joined the LLC was to be in an environment where I can get ahead and really start to encourage my passions.