Living Learning Communities

An LLC is a group of students living together in the same residence hall based on a common interest, professional career track, or major.

There's an LLC for That!

We have 18 Living Learning Communities to choose from and are constantly growing. Explore your options and find a community that's right for you.

Class Registration

Current LLC students can check out what classes they need to sign up for next semester and how to sign up for them.

Getting A Jump Start

If you want something more out of your freshman year experience, consider joining a Living Learning Community. There are many LLCs to choose from with over 900 Bobcats in various residence halls throughout campus.

Your experiences will include out-of-class activities, getting to know professors, enjoying a family-like atmosphere, and enrolling in common courses with your LLC peers.

How Do I Join?

  1. Submit a housing contract through the Housing Portal. The LLC contract is already a part of completing your housing contract! 
  2. If you have already submitted a housing contract, just go back into the housing portal and using the navigation bar at the top select ‘Enhance your living experience at TXST’ to change your answer and apply for the LLC of your choice.
  3. If you already have a room assignment you may still join an LLC if space is available. Contact us to make this change.
  4. We will send you a letter about your status as well as information on additional requirements to join if your LLC of choice has any!

Learning Outcomes

Academic Support
Students enroll in several of the same class sections. For example, students in the Business LLC take Business Law at the same time and day of the week with the same professor.

Faculty and Staff Engagement
Students enjoy support from Resident Assistants (RAs) who have been specifically chosen for the theme of the LLC, as well as a faculty advisor or faculty-in-residence.

Team Building
In addition to living together and taking courses together, students participate in many activities and have many experiences designed to create a team.

Career Exploration
Students participate in out-of-class events designed to enhance their knowledge of their major and career. There are also both social and educational activities designed to help them get acquainted with Texas State and each other.