Move-In 2024

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MOVE-IN GUIDE 2024 / 2025

Be sure to take a look at our move-in guide for everything you need to know for a successful move-in experience. We can't wait to see you this August!

Navigating to the Stadium on Move-In Day


  • We will be continuing to process reassignment requests through the summer, and can only accommodate a request when availability permits. With that in mind, please know that:

    • This is only a request, and it does not guarantee a reassignment.
    • Single occupancy spaces are very limited for reassignments and we will likely be unable to make much movement regarding single and private room requests.
    • If you have already selected a move-in time slot and you are reassigned, your original time slot will be cleared, and you must select a new one. We cannot guarantee the same time slot will be available for another assignment.
    • Reassignments are for you alone; a roommate group or preferred roommate will be unable to be reassigned with you.
    • If we can meet your request, you will be reassigned immediately, and we will notify you of your new assignment via email.

    Reassignment requests will close on August 1st. If we are unable to reassign you prior to this date, your request will be closed, and you may submit a room change request after the 12th class day of the fall semester (September 12th).

    Your request will remain active until August 1st or until you are reassigned. If you no longer wish for your request to be considered please contact us via the TXST Housing Help Center.

  • Move-In for Fall 2024 is scheduled for August 17th - August 19th. Early move-ins will not be permitted. 

    If you are a member of a group such as Bobcat Marching Band, Strutters, or Athletics, please contact your program director for information about your move-in date and time. 

  • Your move-in appointment a designated 90-minute window of time for you to arrive at Bobcat Stadium, be directed to your residence hall, unload your car, and relocate to a parking area. 

    The purpose of the appointment is to maintain efficiency throughout your move-in process. All students MUST select a Move-In Appointment. Appointments will be available between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. each day.

    This 90-minute window does not include time to decorate and unpack your space. Students and their families are welcome to take their time and make the space feel like home once they have moved through the staging lot, arrived at their building, unloaded and relocated their car to a designated parking area. 

    Only a limited number of appointments will be available at each time slot, so we strongly encourage selecting your appointment as soon as possible.

  • Take some time to review our move-in guide. This will provide you with step by step instructions on how to have a successful move-in day. 

    Physical copies of the move-in guide are available at Boko's Browse during New Student Orientation, as well as at the front desk of our Housing and Residential Life building. 

  • Please view your residence halls web page for specific measurements for your hall. 

  • Take a moment to review our packing list available in the move-in guide. 

    Keep in mind limitations on sizing for mini-fridges and microwaves. We recommend coordinating these appliances as well as any additional furniture with your roommate prior to move-in. 

  • Please arrive to Bobcat Stadium via Robbie Ln with the following: 

    • Two vehicles maximum, with time hang tag visibly displayed in the rear view mirror
    • Name of the residence hall for move-in
    • Bobcat Card for check-in and access to the residence hall
    • Water and snacks to get you through the day
  • Texas State has a centralized move in process which begins at Bobcat Stadium via Robbie Ln. Please navigate to Bobcat Stadium by following the provided route in our move-in guide

    Whether coming from north, south or in-town, we recommend taking Thorpe ln directly to Robbie Ln to enter the Bobcat Stadium Staging Lot. Please do not arrive more than 15-minutes early to your scheduled move-in time as you will be re-directed to our holding lot until your scheduled move-in appointment. 

two male RA's standing in front of a tower hall sign

Mini-Fridges & Microwaves

If a resident chooses to bring a mini-fridge or microwave, they are required to use a power strip that includes surge protection in order to reduce electrical outages.

We highly recommend ENERGY STAR certified appliances.


Each resident may bring one 2.5 cu. ft. mini-fridge OR two residents may share a 4.6 cu. ft. mini-fridge.

Triple occupancy room residents may bring three 2.5 cu. ft. mini-fridges OR share one 2.5 cu. ft. mini-fridge and one 4.6 cu. ft. mini-fridge.


Must be within the size limitation of .7 cu. ft. and 700-watt max. and one per room / suite. 

Guests During Move-In

Moving in and getting settled into your new place can be a lot of fun. Many of our future residents enjoy sharing this day with loved ones and rely on them for assistance. To alleviate traffic congestion, we ask that you limit your total number of vehicles to two or fewer. Parking in the unloading zones will be limited and you will need to move your car to one of the designated parking areas after your time is up. Keep in mind that August in San Marcos is very hot and humid. Please consider the guests you bring and how the hills and heat may affect them.


Decorating your room is one of the best things about living on campus. Review the list below for items that are allowed in your room and some that should be left at home. Consult with your roommate to help coordinate who brings what.

Pack your belongings in smaller, more manageable boxes and suitcases. Consider leaving your winter clothing until later in the semester.

We encourage you to bring a small hand cart, dolly, or other moving equipment for assistance on move-in day.

Packing List 2024 (PDF, 157KB)

Mail & Packages

Information on how to send mail and packages to your residence, including addresses and how to address your mail can be found here.

Please do not send mail or packages to yourself before move in.


Bed lofting is a two person job, so make sure that you do not complete this task alone. We recommend bringing a rubber mallet to assist you on the day of move-in! 

Bed rails are available at your front desk of your residence hall should you chose to loft your bed. 

Lofting in most halls



Move-In 2023 was an amazing time! Take a look back at the memories from last year while getting excited for the upcoming 2024 move-in!