Move-In at Chautauqua and Gaillardia

Chautauqua & Gaillardia

Move-In Checklist

All students are required to sign up for a move-in time slot. These dates and times will determine when you are able to begin your move-in process. 

Talk with your Roommate

Take time to connect with your roommate, decide who will bring things like the mini-fridge, or how you will decorate your space!

Print your Hang tags

Once you receive your hang tags, please print them and have them ready to go. A max. of 2 cars per student will be allowed in the staging lot.


Bobcat stadium entry via robbie ln
  • Arrival Appointment

    • Select your arrival date and time. You will be able to schedule and change your time in the housing portal.

    Packing Prep

    • Read the Living on Campus Handbook for all policies and procedures and what items to leave at home. Use our helpful packing checklist too. 
    • Try to pack items in boxes, storage tubs, or durable, easy to carry bags to make the move-in process easy for you. Label each item with your First initial, last name, room number, and tally of boxes. For example, Boko Bobcat in Sterry 101 with 5 boxes would label his items with "B. Bobcat, Sterry 101, Box 1/5, Box 2/5," etc. 
    • Rolling carts are available for use, however you are encouraged to bring a dolly, or wagon to use. You and your guests are responsible for moving items into your room.
    • Lofting your bed? Make sure you bring a rubber mallet and view our how to loft your bed videos

    Print Your Arrival Time Hang Tag

    • Check your Bobcat Mail the week before move-in for your printable Move-in Day hang tag. This hang tag is the only way you are allowed on campus and into the Move-in Day staging area at Bobcat Stadium at your move-in day and time. 
    • Each student can have a maximum of two vehicles. Sharing, photocopying, or printing extra copies of hang tags is not permitted.  
  • Arrival

    On the day of move-in you will be directed to Bobcat Stadium via Robbie Ln. There, your hang tags will be checked to ensure that you are there at your assigned time. Please do not arrive to your time slot early, we are unable to accommodate early arrivals. 

    Staging Lot

    Once you have entered our staging lot at Bobcat Stadium, please be prepared to let your move-in team know which residence hall you will be moving in to. Once you have let us know your hall, we will exchange your time hang tag for a residence hall hang tag. Please have your residence hall hang tag clearly displayed by attaching it to your rear view mirror. 

    Hall Corrals 

    Our team will direct you based on that residence hall hang tag and send you to your halls corral. You will pull in to the right of the flag with your residence halls name. 

    In groups, we will release you to follow the routes listed below. Follow these maps and on-campus signs. 


    Head north toward Bobcat Dr
    Take Post Rd to E Sessom Dr
    Continue on E Sessom Dr. Take Matthews St to Russell Cir

  • If you leave campus, be prepared for traffic congestion when you return during the day when other students are moving in. Keep in mind that you will be unable to access some roads on campus. 

    You'll also be asked to move your vehicle away from the res halls or apartments to make room for the next students moving in. 

    Welcome Week begins after you move-in. Visit the Bobcat Welcome page to view a schedule of on-campus events.