Exercise & Sports Science LLC

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Located in Tower Hall, this LLC is for students who will be studying in one of the Exercise & Sports Science Undergraduate Programs apart of the Department of Health and Human Performance. It is also for first-year students who have an interest in learning more about these disciplines.

Course Connections

Students in this LLC will enroll in the following courses together.

Fall Semester

  • US 1100: University Seminar
  • AT 2356: Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries
  • PH 1320: Introduction to Public Health

Spring Semester

  • To be determined
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Caitlin Farrell

Caitlin Farrell

Hi, I’m Caitlyn Farrell. I have an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Health and Exercise Science from the University of Oklahoma. Fitness, nutrition and health have always been a passions of mine. I’ve worked in corporate wellness settings, personal training, education, and have even owned my own personal training studio. I love my dog, Okie Money. Any time I’m not at work or working out, I’m usually hanging out with him and my husband at home. I’m thrilled to be spending time alongside you during your first year here at Texas State.

Email: caitlyn-farrell@txstate.edu

Office: Jowers A163

Phone: 512.245.8414

Open for 2023 - 2024