Residence Hall Association

Matthew Hand - RHA President

Matthew Hand


Maria Castro  - Vice President

Maria Castro

Vice President

Amyia Lynch - RHA Treasurer

Amiya Lynch


TBD - RHA National Communications Coordinator

Jordan Berry

National Communications Coordinator

TBD - RHA Advisor

LaToya Howell

RHA Advisor

Jacob Haun - RHA & NRHH Advisor

Xiomara Diaz

RHA Advisor

Serve on Hall Council

What is the Residence Hall Association (RHA)?

The Residence Hall Association is the student coordinating body and umbrella organization for all of Texas State University’s individual Hall Councils. It is the designated Chartered Student Organization for the Department of Housing and Residential Life. This makes it the voice for all on-campus students. RHA offers programming, leadership opportunities, and support for all students who live on campus. Additionally, RHA works closely with the Residence Life staff, and through legislation, is charged with addressing the concerns of all residents and how to make their life on campus change for the better.

What does RHA do?

RHA hosts large-scale campus-wide programs to get residents involved. It also serves as a foundation, a networking tool, and a mentor for all Hall Councils. It provides a semi-formal meeting for all Hall Councils to attend and share ideas from their halls. RHA also serves as a legislative body that projects the student’s voice to the administration.

Why would I join RHA?

RHA serves as a stepping stone into leadership opportunities, university careers, friendships, and the Texas State family. By being in RHA, students build community with their roommates, floor-mates, hall residents, and everyone who lives on campus. It is a way for freshmen, and all students who live on-campus, to transition into university life. RHA allows students to continue perfecting leadership skills established throughout their life, and test those skills in new and challenging situations.

How do I join RHA?

To join RHA, you simply have to live on campus. Everyone who lives in a residence hall or campus apartment is a member of RHA and is encouraged and welcome to attend RHA meetings. To be more involved, you can run for a hall council executive board position, attend individual hall’s General Assemblies, attend RHA’s General Assemblies on Wednesdays at 7pm, or attend hall and campus-wide programs.

Residence Hall Association's Goals

  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Have fun as student leaders.
  • Act in the best interest of campus residents.
  • Provide information to residents.
  • Promote a sense of pride at Texas State.
  • Provide social and educational opportunities for on-campus residents.
  • Create a sense of community in the residence halls.
  • Provide useful feedback to administration.
  • Build connections that last throughout college and your life.

Want to speak at a General Assembly?

Email by noon the Friday before the next meeting with the following:

Your First and Last Name
Topic of your presentation

General Assemblies held every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in DHRL 312.

RHA Conference

RHA Conferences & Training

Residential students have the opportunity to attend various conferences with RHA throughout the year.

Annual RHA Food Drive