On-Going Assignments & Temporary Housing

The primary goal of the Department of Housing and Residential Life (DHRL) is to provide housing for all required first-year students. In meeting our goal, we will accept a certain number of applications above our capacity which may delay in a room assignment and may result in some students being assigned to temporary housing.

As spaces become available, we will assign students to a permanent assignment. We will begin assigning students to permanent spaces on May 15, 2022, and continue through move-in day.

Students without a permanent assignment by August 10, 2022, will receive an email from DHRL with further instructions.

Why don't I have a permanent room assignment?

Housing assignments are made based on the date that you completed your housing contract. Those who have completed their contracts early were able to select their rooms. As space became more limited, our assignments team has continued making assignments based on your application date and your preferences submitted to our team. In order to assign students as quickly as we receive cancellations, we will continue assigning students through Move-In.

How do I know if I will be assigned to temporary housing?

Our team will make assignments throughout the summer as cancellations and other rooms become available. In early August, we will communicate with students who still have not received a room assignment about their temporary assignment and check-in process. As we process cancellations all summer, we work to assign as many students as possible prior to assigning anyone to temporary housing.

Students who are moving into temporary housing will be asked to plan for a move-in day on August 15, to allow for us to assign as many students as possible to permanent room assignments on campus.

Where is temporary housing?

Temporary housing is in several locations. For the Fall 2022 semester, the following options will be utilized for temporary housing:

  • Study rooms and floor lounges with lockable entrances. These spaces may house one or two students, based on the size of the space.
  • Guest apartments where up to four residents may be assigned.
  • Temporarily assigned as a roommate to a Resident Assistant.
  • Appropriately sized residence hall rooms will be converted to triple rooms.
  • A local hotel converted into a residential community temporarily.

What is temporary housing like?

Temporary housing is designed to be transitional in nature but is a great opportunity to connect with additional students and continue to be a part of an active community on campus.

Students assigned to temporary housing have access to all hall amenities, live in community with other students, and have a Resident Assistant to provide them support and direction during their time in the temporary housing assignment.

What furnishings are provided? What should I bring?

Our goal is for temporary housing spaces to feel as like a traditional assignment as possible. Students placed in temporary housing will receive a bed, desk, and chair for each occupant. Additionally, depending on the space, either a wardrobe or clothing rack will be provided for each occupant.

As this is viewed as a temporary assignment, students should bring their essential items with them when they arrive for Move-In. It is encouraged that students bring their other items later once they receive a permanent assignment.

To enhance your comfort, you may also want to consider bringing a small safe or lockable storage box to place your valuables in.

How long will I live in temporary housing?

Once classes begin, we will identify all spaces that are unclaimed. Students in temporary assignments will be reassigned to permanent spaces as they become available, based on a few key factors, including your original contract date, housing assignment priority, and room type preference. We expect to be able to relocate all residents out of temporary housing by the end of the fall semester; however, we hope to be able to move you to a permanent space much earlier. You will be contacted via your Texas State email once a permanent room is available for you.

How much will temporary housing cost?

The cost for one semester in on-campus temporary housing is the same rate as our Traditional Double Room Rate. When you are assigned to the temporary space, you will be asked to provide us with your first choice of a room type for reassignment; once relocated to a permanent space, your housing charge will be prorated to the new room rate.

Students assigned to a hotel option will be provided the lowest cost rate applicable based on associated costs and fees.

Can I stay in the temporary space?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to continue to live in your temporary assignment. Once you are provided with a permanent assignment, you generally will have 72 hours to move into your permanent space.